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Frequently Asked......


Assorted frame parts are available to order for various models -- such as :

  • Crossribs

  • Extension Bars

  • Sections of frames

  • Delrin blocks & rivets

  • Delrin blocks for some rudders

The frame is made of 6061-T6 aluminum/magnesium alloy. This is the same material used in the aircraft industry—a very light, very strong material. All tubing is anodized with a clear protective coating.

A variety of sizes are used in the frames, depending on the model: 1/2 round, 5/8 round, 3/4 round, 7/8 round, 1/2 square, 5/8 square.


Regular maintenance is required, and will depend on how much water and moisture is getting into the kayak.


Disassemble the kayak approximately every two months when it is being used regularly.

Crossribs in the KLight, Kahuna and Kurrent models are polycarbonate. These are injected molded parts, and the material is lighter in weight than the HDPE used in the larger Expedition boats.

The HDPE crossribs (high density polyethylene) are cut on our CNC machine. They won’t crack, peel or splinter. However, over time, the plastic can sometimes curve to the shape of the skin. Soak the rib in hot water, or leave out in the hot sun and they can be bent back.

Help - The frame is Seized!
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