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This is our “convertible” kayak. With the open cockpit design, the kayak can be changed to fit your paddling lifestyle.

It comes standard as a double, with a two-person spray deck and two spray skirts. Leave off the spray deck, and you have room for a four-legged companion. Or add the optional center seat for the younger paddler-to-be. When wanting to paddle solo, the stern crossrib is moved further aft, and the seat is brought forward. This will adjust the trim of the kayak for efficient solo paddling.

In the double configuration, we rate the Klondike as medium volume. Depending on the style of camping, two adults can pack supplies for a two week trip. Generous air sponsons make the Klondike very stable. When loading for an extended trip, sponsons can be inflated after gear has been loaded.

Klondike Assembly

Specifications - Metric

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 45 min

Length x Beam - 5.43m x 77.5 cm

Payload - 261 kg

Pack Size - 105 x 58 x 30 cm

Weight - 34.25 kg

Cockpit Size - 209 x 53 cm

Hatch Sizes - Bow and Stern 33 x 20 cm

Rudder - Included

Specifications - Imperial

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 45 min

Length x Beam - 17′ 10″ x 31″

Payload - 575 lbs

Pack Size - 42 x 23 x 12″

Weight - 75.5 lbs

Cockpit Size83 x 20.75″

Hatch Sizes - Bow and Stern 13 x 8″

Rudder Included

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