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Frequently Asked......

Sea Sock

  • Sea Socks & Spray Skirts are Available to Order.
  • Sea Socks are now made of Blue Double Coated Nylon.

  • Spray Skirts are made of Black Double Coated Nylon.

The sea sock is a great safety item. The top of the sock fits tightly around the cockpit coaming rim. Contoured to fit along the seat back and bottom the “foot” is loose through the cockpit, creating a “pod”. The paddler then sits in the sock.

Legs and feet are not constricted.

The spray skirt fits as usual. In the event of a capsize, water will only enter the sock, and not the whole boat.

It’s also great for keeping the inside of your kayak clean.

Tips on Usage and Installation

• The shiny side of the fabric faces in towards the kayak frame.

• When facing the bow of the kayak, the Feathercraft label should be on the right side.

• The center seam on the up-side of the Sea Sock should be centered on the bow point of the coaming.

• Once the Sea Sock is in place, sit in the sock, and “burp” it by lifting the edges, releasing trapped air that causes the sock to billow up.

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