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Introduced in 2011 –  It all began with the K1 Expedition, which has remained our signature, large volume, expedition kayak since our inception in 1980. However, there was a compromise in speed. In 1996, with the Khatsalano, it was proven that folding skin kayaks are high performance. But there was limitation with gear storage. The Heron is both bounty and beauty in one.

With the increased water-line, and a raised “clipper” shaped bow, the Heron has a greatly enhanced cruising speed over the K1. A narrower water-line beam than the K1 makes it playful when paddled empty, and a fast cruiser when loaded. Two stern access hatches make it easy to use all available space for extended journeys. The initial stability is less than the K1. However, with the pronounced V-shaped hull, the Heron has superb secondary stability, particularly when loaded in heavy seas. Sponsons are part of our skin-on-frame designs, adding stability, and tensioning the skin. The Heron will suit the larger, tall paddler. It has a deep and long cockpit for a roomy fit and easy entry and exit.

All of the best features that you’ve come to expect from Feathercraft are here: welded urethane skin, deck reinforcement strip, solid urethane wear strips on the hull, anodized aluminum framework, HDPE crossribs, double coated spray skirt & sea sock, double coated hatch tunnels & covers, exceptional rudder with pivot pedals, built in coaming with bracing bars. It still all packs away into a single travel-style backpack. The packed weight is slightly over the regular airline baggage limit of 23 kg (50 lbs). Packing the rudder or a couple of the frame parts in a second bag will keep the kayak bag within the allowable weight limits.

Heron Assembly

Specifications - Metric

Skill level - Intermediate to Advanced

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 5.4 m x 60 cm

Payload - 185 kg

Pack Size - 92 x 46 x 30 cm

Weight - 24.5 kg

Cockpit Size - 75 x 41 cm

Hatch Sizes:

Medium bow - 33 x 20 cm

Large stern - 40 x 30 cm

Small stern - 20 x 11cm

Rudder Included

Specifications - Imperial

Skill level - Intermediate to Advanced

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 17′ 7″ x 24″

Payload - 405 lb

Pack Size - 36 x 18 x 12″

Weight - 54 lb

Cockpit Size - 29.5 x 16″

Hatch Sizes:

Medium bow - 13 x 8″

Large stern - 16 x 12″

Small stern - 8 x 4.5″

Rudder Included

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