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K1 Expedition


This is where we began. Over the decades, the K1 has gone through many metamorphoses. Since 1998, the style and shape have remained virtually unchanged.

The only significant changes have been to the skin fabric, which is now all welded urethane, and the change from a fibreglass cockpit coaming to a built-in coaming.

The K1 is a superb handling kayak for extended touring with an upswept bow for a fine water entry. Length to beam ratio is well proportioned, making it fast, responsive, yet very stable. Part of our skin-on-frame designs are air sponsons, which tension the skin and add stability.

It is a large-volume single with a pronounced V-shaped hull. Even though it has superior tracking, the rudder and pivot pedals are standard to ensure ease of handling in all weather conditions. The large cockpit adds comfort for longer tours. Hatches, bow and stern, make for quick, easy loading. It comes with, and packs into a single bag. Standard accessories include rudder, double coated nylon spray skirt and sea sock, repair kit.

K1 Expedition Assembly

Specifications - Metric

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 5 m x 63.5 cm

Payload - 175 kg

Pack Size - 92 x 50 x 30 cm

Weight - 23.25 kg

Cockpit Size - 75 x 46 cm

Hatch Sizes:

Small bow - 20 x 11 cm

Large stern - 40 x 30 cm

Rudder - Included

Specifications - Imperial

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 16′ 6″ x 25″

Payload - 385 lbs

Pack Size - 36 x 20 x 12″

Weight - 51 lbs

Cockpit Size - 29.5 x 18″

Hatch Sizes:

Small bow - 8 x 4.5″

Large stern - 16 x 12″

Rudder - Included

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