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Pronounced ‘kat-sa-la-no, from the native Coast Salish Squamish name, meaning “Lord of the Lake”

A traditional skin kayak concept with the unique Feathercraft features of portability. The signature low profile and graceful lines of this craft capture the imagination. The Khatsalano series can be used for multi-week expeditions. The paddler needs to choose gear carefully and pack efficiently, using smaller dry-bags. When paddling the kayak without gear, use inflated float bags to ensure sufficient flotation. The Khatsalano has a fast cruising speed, tracks well and carves turns easily with a lean. With the snug fitting cockpit, you become one with your kayak.

The Khatsalano
Is for the experienced paddler who has good rolling and bracing skills. The Khatsalano skin has small diameter sponsons which you can choose how much to inflate. When the sponsons are fully inflated, they round the chines slightly and give the kayak good stability for its beam. When sponsons are not inflated, the paddler experiences “on the edge” Greenland-style kayaking performance.

Standard equipment included is pack bag, all neoprene spray skirt, double coated nylon sea sock, repair kit. Rudder or skeg are options.

Khats Assembly

Specifications - Metric

Skill level - Intermediate to Advanced

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 5.43 m x 56 cm

Payload - 136 kg

Pack Size - 92 x 60 x 30 cm

Weight - 20.5 kg

Cockpit Size - 70 x 41 cm

Hatch Sizes: 

Small bow - 20 x 11cm

Medium stern - 33 x 20cm

Rudder - Optional

Specifications - Imperial

Skill level - Intermediate to Advanced

Assembly Time - 40 min

Length x Beam - 17′ 10″ x 22″

Payload - 300 lbs

Pack Size - 36 x 20 x 12″

Weight - 45 lbs

Cockpit Size - 27.5 x 16″

Hatch Sizes:

Small bow - 8 x 4.5″

Medium stern - 13 x 8″

Rudder - Optional

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