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Wisper XP

The elegant flowing lines that began with the Wisper continue to the Wisper XP, and finish with the flourish of a rudder. A cross between the Kahuna and the Khatsalano, the Wisper is as light as the Kahuna, yet longer and narrower. With the increased length and narrower beam, paddling speed and performance are enhanced. Gear storage volume is also similar to the Kahuna. As is standard with our skin-on-frame designs, air sponsons add stability and tension the skin.

All of the beauty and performance of the Wisper are included, with the added features of a rudder with pivot pedals, small bow and large stern hatch with double coated nylon tunnels and covers, deck reinforcement strip, double coated nylon spray skirt and sea sock. And like the Kahuna, there is a choice of small or large cockpit. Cockpit bracing bars are standard and allow for a solid fit. It comes with, and fits in its own pack.

The XP seat is like that of the other Expedition boats with a molded seat bottom, closed cell foam, and inflatable air back.

Specifications - Metric

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 30 min

Length x Beam - 4.75 m x 58.75 cm

Payload - 136 kg

Pack Size - 95 x 47 x 25 cm

Weight - 18 kg

Cockpit Size:

XPS - 70 x 41 cm

XPL - 75 x 46 cm

Hatch Sizes:

Small Bow - 20 x 11 cm

Large stern - 40 x 30 cm

Rudder Included

Specifications - Imperial

Skill level - Intermediate

Assembly Time - 30 min

Length x Beam - 15′ 7″ x 23.5″

Payload - 300 lb

Pack Size - 37.5 x 18.5 x 10″

Weight - 37.5 lb

Cockpit Size:

XPS - 27.5 x 16″

XPL - 29.5 x 18″

Hatch Sizes

Small Bow - 8 x 4.5″

Large stern - 16 x 12″

Rudder Included

Wisper XP Assembly


The Wisper has elegant flowing lines with upswept bow and stern. It may be described as a cross between our popular Kahuna models and our Greenland design Khatsalano. The Wisper is similar in weight to the Kahuna, yet longer and narrower. Gear storage volume is about the same, and rated as "medium". It is nimble, with a fast cruising speed, and carves turns easily with a lean. Equipped with cockpit bracing bars, it has a solid fit for medium and smaller paddlers.

The seat is light-weight with an inflatable air back and bottom. A comfortable foot bracing platform replaces individual foot braces. Now standard with double coated small bow hatch and large stern hatch. The built in coaming system incorporates thigh bracing bars for a firm fit. If you wish to pack the kayak for multi-day camping trips, a bow hatch is an option.

Wisper Assembly
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