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River Rafts

Now What?
Image by Yoann Laheurte
Holy Crap Batman!
It's a Beast

We wanted to make light weight rafts and row boats for “Yachties” as well as for river running. To achieve this, we knew we would have to develop a system with a much higher level of air retention, of up to a week. To do this, we completely redesigned our manufacturing process. We  RF weld the two separate air holding sides. Each side is then taped on the inside and outside and then completely tested for leaks before the two sides are joined. The taping reinforces the seams to such an extent that they are as strong as the cloth that they reinforce. This process is much more time consuming than the old way, but the results are impressive: Great air holding, extreme durability. Just like our kayaks.

Image by Marc Zimmer
BayLee River

The BEAST is set to conquer a variety of wilderness endeavors. Rowing frame and oars are optional add-on’s, with attachment points in place. The BEAST tube fabric is 210 denier urethane coated nylon. Floor fabric is an 840 denier urethane coated ballistic nylon. The self-bailing floor is constructed with five separate inflatable tubes within an abrasion resistant fabric sandwich.

The BEAST features self-bailing floor, inflatable seat back + bottom, two gear slings, perimeter line, skeg, foot brace, double action pump, repair kit, stuff sack.

Image by kazuend

Row Boats

The BayLee row boats are made of the highest quality, urethane-coated high-tenacity nylon. Urethane fabric is far tougher and has greater longevity than vinyl or PVC. Urethane is as robust as the heavy, hypalon inflatables, but is lighter in weight.

BayLee 2
BayLee 3

Our row boat is a result of our many journeys over many years. We use a combination of sewing, RF (radio frequency) welding and continuous-process hot-air welding. There is much hand work in making these boats. Because we do not use glue, our only by-product during manufacture is a little heat.

The floor fabric is similar to the hull fabric used on our kayaks — tough and very abrasion-resistant. The boat comes complete with an inflatable seat and back. Both are adjustable, depending on whether you are paddling or rowing. There are two positions for the rowing frame, if you are paddling solo or with a crew member. For safety, the boat has two separate air chambers. A hard skeg can be positioned forward or aft to ensure great tracking.

The double floor option on the BayLee 2 and 3 creates a rigid platform under foot, and increases rowing performance.

Image by Little John

BayLee Rowing Booklet

Image by Mark Harpur
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